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Short Game

Putting- compass drill

3 foot putts, place 4 balls at four different locations similar to a compass. N, S , E and West.  Notice the break of each putt and learn to read correctly by seeing the putt go in the hole in reverse.  You will see where to aim and place an importance on speed.  Do this drill and if you miss one start over.  If you make all four you may putt from 4 feet and so on.

Chipping- back foot drop back

Use your PW with your right foot behind it’s normal position with the toe touching the turf.  Your balance is tested and your weight is forced onto your left leg(target side leg for right handed players).  This creates the proper lean for solid chipping.  Swing down and through taking a small divot with your belt buckle turning towards the target in your finish position

Pitching-Hinge and Turn.

Take a narrow stance, slightly open and use your sand wedge or gap wedge.  make a back swing with minimal sway but make sure to turn you back to the target and your left arm is parallel to the ground.  You will feel a hinge position with your grip and wrists.  After this backswing position you are ready to turn forward let that club swing through freely.  The club shall take a shallow divot and your finish should be balanced with your belly facing the target.

By Tim Fraley

PGA Head Golf Professional/Director of Player Development

Awbrey Glen Golf Club 2500 Awbrey Glen Drive

Bend, Oregon 97701