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Full Swing

Feet Together Drill
This is possibly the best drill in golf: use your 7 iron and make half to 3/4 swings. The goal is to make square contact and maintain balance while feeling good rotation with the trunk and hips. Do this drill at 70% effort and stay limber. Tension is the enemy and will stop any natural rotation. Always finish in control with your belly facing the target and the shaft of the club over your left shoulder.

Right foot Back Drill
This drill will help you feel the correct shoulder turn on your backswing with a fairway wood or driver. On the forward swing, because of your back foot pushed back you will feel the leverage and post up feeling in your left leg as you swing through impact. This will cause a good snappy turn and power at impact. Do this drill at 70% effort and focus on square contact.

Full Shoulder Turn for more power on back swing
After the proper set position is achieved, turn your left shoulder under your chin in the back swing. Maintain eye contact with the back of the ball and unwind forward with all that power. Feel as if your fastest part of the swing is after impact. Your free flowing swing will pull you around to a balanced finish with your belly facing the target. Do this and you will maximize your range of motion and power.

By Tim Fraley
PGA Head Golf Professional/Director of Player Development
Awbrey Glen Golf Club 2500 Awbrey Glen Drive
Bend, Oregon 97701