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Have you dreamed of living on a golf course? There are many choices when it comes to golf course homes in Bend, Oregon and living in a golf community is worth considering. Overall, living in a golf course community is a positive when investing in a home but there are certain aspects to consider before purchasing. 

Golf Club Culture

Within a golf community, it may seem that golf is the primary reason people choose to live on a golf course.  However, that’s not always the case.  People are looking for family activities, exercise, and a community of people with whom they have shared interests. It’s where people create life-long friendships and want to spend time with like-minded individuals.  


Many clubs offer amenities such as tennis courts, indoor or outdoor pool and hot tub, workout facilities, and a bar/restaurant.  In addition, there are year-round activities to participate in such as hiking, biking, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing, or indoor activities such as social card groups, playing Mahjong, pitch, poker, or bridge. The best communities have a robust calendar of activities for children and families, such as summer BBQs, pool events, and fun food-themed dinners such as taco night.

Maintenance Crews

With views of beautifully manicured grass right out your back door, there are things to consider when choosing where you’d like to live on the course.  Living right next to a tee or green or overlooking the fairway sounds ideal but some might not enjoy the noise generated by early morning mowing and watering or errant shots landing in your yard. And, if you’re sensitive to noise, the crack of tee shot is far louder than the whisper of a greenside chip or putt. 

Gated or Non-Gate Community

Another consideration is whether you prefer a gated community or not. If you prefer a gate, would you like the gate manned or unmanned? There are advantages such as privacy and safety but crime still does occur within gated communities and yet reduced as it’s more difficult to access.  And, there are disadvantages to consider. For instance, it’s harder for guests to gain access, there are higher Homeowner’s Association fees, and anyone that comes to your home will have to be added to the list and visiting hours may be limited for contractors or other workers. 


Perhaps the biggest consideration is whether the owners must be members of the golf club. This could severely cut your pool of potential future buyers so it would be wise to know what the membership requirements are for a given community.

Here are some initial questions to ask yourself when considering a golf home:

Why do you want to live in a golf course community…

A. To play as much golf as I can with family and friends

B. To learn the game & make friends

C. Not to play, but to enjoy the golf course view

What kind of community would you prefer? 

A. Private, equity club

B. Private, no equity

C. Semi-private

D. Public

Where do you want to live within the golf community? Overlooking:

  1. Tee box
  2. Fairway
  3. Green
  4. Not on the course, but with golf course access

If you are looking for a golf home, click here to start your search for golf communities in Central Oregon.

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