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Spring fever is in the air in Central Oregon and it’s time to fine tune your swing with the arrival of warm weather!

We recently spoke with Tim Fraley, local PGA professional and Director of Member and Player Development at Awbrey Glen Golf Club, and asked him for tips and tricks to get “game ready” in preparation for the upcoming season. 

1. What are your top three tips to prepare golfers for the start of the spring golf season?  

  • Range of Motion – Stretch, work out – do what it takes to get your golf joints and muscles ready for action. If you’re not sure what to do, consult your PGA, LPGA Golf Professional, or Fitness Professional
  • Balance – Squats, single leg BOSU ball and lunges are great to activate core muscle groups affecting balance and stability
  • Set Up Basics. Start with your putter, then move to your short irons and work all the way through driver. Refresh your old swing or develop a basic pattern for success with grip, alignment, posture, and ball position. 

2.  Do you recommend some type of pre-shot routine?

Absolutely! Aim the club face first with all clubs. Then establish your set up, stance, posture, and personal swing keys for consistent commitment.

3.  How does the spring weather affect the game?  

Colder, wetter, longer turfgrass heights, and winter damage on the course to name a few. These affect carry yardages, speed on fairways, speed of greens and course management decisions that come with it.

4.  Is there an example of how you’d adapt your putting in colder or wetter weather?  

If using rain gloves or winter gloves – put in the practice time to get comfortable with the feel and control of the club face. Reading the break and gauging speed will vary so play less break and increase the pace on slower green speeds.

5.  What type of physical fitness do you suggest for golfers to stay in shape?

Core strength, rotational stability and balance especially in legs. Just remember….” Knees to the ribcage”.  And there’s no special drill to cover all aspects but there are numerous workouts you can do.  Boss Sports Performance fitness in Bend, Oregon, offers many programs to get you lean and mean. Check out the TPI fitness programs – they are fantastic. In addition, Golf Digest’s “The Golfers Workout Week” is highly recommended. I encourage you to do these workouts with some regularity and you will improve your game – guaranteed!

6.  Are there key elements to boosting your mental game?  

Learn what makes you tick as a golfer (you may need an instructor to help you tap into your strengths and resolve your weaknesses). Your goals should align with experiences that build emotional resilience. You will improve your ability to handle adversity, build confidence, and ultimately create a comfortable golfer (you) in all situations.

7.  Anything else you’d like to share?  

Golf is a game, and I encourage you to have fun, be competitive, and challenge yourself – enjoy all things on the links!

To keep in touch with Tim, you can follow him on Instagram HERE.

Rules Refresher Time

Spring is also a good time for a rules refresher. Are you familiar with The World Handicap System? Essentially this system unifies the six handicapping systems used around the world into a single system.

The new system enables golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equitable basis, in any format, on any course, anywhere around the world; be easy to understand and implement, without sacrificing accuracy; and meet the varied needs and expectations of golfers, clubs and authorities all around the world and be adaptable to suit all golfing cultures. Learn more at

Are you ready for your refresher? Click HERE.

Bend Golf Courses Opening for Spring Play

As the spring season begins, several local Central Oregon courses are already open such as Pronghorn, Brasada Ranch, Juniper Golf Course, Crooked River Ranch, and Meadow Lakes Golf Course. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll see more opening up so dust off your clubs, get in your golf fitness workouts, and we’ll see you on the course!